This blog was aimed at dealing with what I don’t like and what I am like. I have decided on the reverse. Discussing what is keeping us stupid. Fallacy. Def A fallacy is an erroneous argument dependent upon an unsound or illogical contention. There are many fallacy examples that we can find in everyday conversations. […]

Moral outrage and Moral ambiguity

Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi when we think of these icons we don’t remember them for the fact that they were morally ambiguous. We remember them for the stand they took against wrongs in the communities they found themselves. Modern marketing and influences almost leaves one with the idea that that its better to […]

The Mind Is Afraid Of This Aloneness

The search for a partner, communion, intimacy the idea to lose yourself in the other is one of the reasons we as humans go into relationships.  We search for that in the other, we lambaste them for not being close enough not sharing enough. In a resent article they differentiate in your language whether you […]

Relational Dispute resolution

We are as humans driven by relationships, we live by and for them.  We only ever have three types of relationships that we get into,  1. Relationship with the self 2. Relationships in a social arena , those and that  outside and around you  3. Transcendental relationship, relationship with a higher being, or higher self […]