Spirituality vs Mindfulness

Spirituality 1 :¬† of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the¬†spirit¬†:¬†incorporeal¬†<spiritual¬†needs> 2 a¬†:¬† of or relating to sacred matters¬†<spiritual¬†songs> b¬†:¬† ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal¬†<spiritualauthority>¬†<lords¬†spiritual> 3 :¬† concerned with religious values 4 :¬† related or joined in spirit¬†<our¬†spiritual¬†home>¬†<hisspiritual¬†heir> 5 a¬†:¬† of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomena b¬†:¬† of, relating to, or involving¬†spiritualism¬†: […]