Calling You.

In her book the Call, Oriah Mountain Dreamer talks about that what calls you, not that what drives you. For me that is such an important differentiation. In a goal driven society it has for me a comfort to be able to understand that we have something that pulls me forward that is not an […]

The fire outside

In 1996 I was in a motor vehicle accident during which time I went through a Near Death Experience (NDE). When I came by, I came back from wherever I went to with what at that stage I believed to be my “message ” to the world. I came to the realization that everything in […]


In the blandness that is the digital, non-sexist, non-bigoted, non-discriminatory etc world, we have lost individuality. Everybody is a group. I miss the raconteurs of my youth, the storytellers the colourfull individuals the Harlequins that could joke truth to power. We now have angry every-bodies, that all they can do is talk about the injustices […]

And I was Dreaming

I am not a big believer in dream analysis as I find most of it to be speculative and interpretive of our current experiential situation. That’s probably where I have been wrong because that is exactly what it is all about.  That it is a guide for what’s happening in our un/sub conscience is a given. […]


Maybe both of us has been harmed too much or just enough not to see the beauty of love we recognise the blood on our hands from the love we lost and fought for and still we lost so we can recognise somewhere sometime there was love but we forgot what we fought for and […]