I miss femininity.
The gentleness of a kiss. The wisp of a hair
The gentle curve of a foot below a dress
The lovely lilt in their voice
The smell of woman
The softness of the flares of a skirt.
The happy hoop it makes when you twirl in dance together.
The the soft gentlenss of a chifon top.

Another competition of whom is stronger and smarter and more or less competent is just what it says a competition. I want a woman not a fencing opponent
Where are the truly feminine woman.
Marliyn Monroe, Diana, Grace of Monaco, Coco Chanel.

We are inundated with psuedo men that runs faster, jumps further, smokes more, drinks with the boys.

I lament the strong feminine woman of my youth. Those that could slaugter a pig and sit at the dinner table with a hat and gloves enjoying good company.
My heart aches for my daughters that will lose what it means to be feminine.

In our rush towards equality we losing femininity and by implication masculinity as well.
We are are losing each other.



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