The falacy of equality.

In all and every group of people as soon as there is an expectancy to achieve a set goal, there are 4 inherent roles that inherently develop as if by preordination.

  1. The leader.
  2. the enforcer
  3. the Joker
  4. the Nerd.

Al 4 of these are necessary for a team to achieve their set goals. Like I mentioned in a previous blog there is no such thing as a successful team without these different roles to support the ultimate goal achievement. In as much as this is just one model or way to look at group dynamics, there is a sense of comfort in these and the way they explain our behaviour, unconscious or not in our groups.

The more critical it is for goal achievement and the urgency for time increases the need for an individual to take charge/control increases dramatically. In times of crisis, we look at leaders to decide and guide us towards where they see the perceived better place for us away from the crisis that we find ourselves in.

The problem with equality is that it is a social construct that wishes to manage a biological process. The biology being that our innate understanding of belonging is greater than the social construct that we have developed to manage our everyday activities.

We have been living in tribes and closed communal groups for aeons of time. For me the concept of equality is a latecomer to the process of social organization.

Any stratified system based on skills and attributes by implication determines that depending on what the need of the time is, that is the skill that would be in higher demand than others.

The concept of equal before the law has also proved to be a misnomer in the sense that the more affluent you are the more difficult it becomes to access the equality that is professed.

As with most social constructs that wishes to manage and impose power and identity of some sort or the other onto societies, it is bound to fail.

Our preoccupation with accessibility of opinions on social media has made the outliers, the one’s with very little inherent power, the guardians of our conscience. Its the young ones the ones that still has daddy and mommy issues to dictate the narrative on social media.

Age has become a swearword. Experience is almost minimal in new media and telecommunication industries. The failure of these new systems that is designed by nothing more than overgrown adolesce, has not yet delved into the shadow of the human spirit and as such seen the darkness that no control brings to the human spirit. The amazing negative push-back we keep seeing from the users on what and when they want things is similar to a teenager with access to the keys of the house. Cyber bullying, character assassinations with cyber shaming and non adherence to social political correctness has scuppered the careers and opinions of quite competent humans and social commentaries.

The sibling society wants to run the system, but as yet struggle to manage themselves. They live with their parents they dont own cars they don’t own homes they fail to commit to relationships and so it goes. The non commitment is a sign of the new era we living in. But people with nothing to lose has nothing to stand for except their overblown opinion of themselves and their sense of righteousness.

When we allow overgrown teenagers to manage the changing landscape of our societies, we should expect the worst of teenage behaviour.

Equality is a social construct that by implication is utopian. Should we make the quest for equality the main impetus of our society, I don’t think so. The systems we have in a place like socialism and capitalism and their derivatives are all systems that were designed before we understood the importance of our biology on our conduct and behaviour.

We need to find a different narrative should we like to create a system and society that respects the dignity and skill so each human being can be respected. So the system we need to design is also a system that incorporates how our biology influences our behaviour and interaction with our fellow group members.

But also we need to take cognisance of the human condition. That we are just not individuals we also interact in specific ways in a group determined by our inborn ability for achieving goals and objectives as a tribe. As one can see I have mentioned 4 roles that are inherent in any group when they need to achieve a goal. And as such these roles fly in the face of equality and all the negative presuppositions that will flow from being labelled as one of these roles. We can try with social engineering to change our inherent behaviour in a crisis situation, but in the end, all human beings actually want to be treated as individuals and competent in the respective skill sets that they developed throughout their lives.

We are more than our social constructs, and we are also more than our biology but negate any one of the two at your own peril.





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