In the blandness that is the digital, non-sexist, non-bigoted, non-discriminatory etc world, we have lost individuality. Everybody is a group.

I miss the raconteurs of my youth, the storytellers the colourfull individuals the Harlequins that could joke truth to power. We now have angry every-bodies, that all they can do is talk about the injustices that the world has brought upon them. Its so bland and banal. Fighting against everything without offering one single solution that might be vested in reality. The incessant blandness of political correctness and non offensive everything.

Everybody is a victim. everybody is a casualty of someone or some system. No or little responsibility and accountability. Everybody is doing all they can in complaining, so few are working at change. Its as Richard Bander said, Turtles all the way down.

I miss the rogues, the chancers the ones that everybody knew were the opportunists. We now have hidden behind slinky ties and pointy-toed shoes malicious psychopaths that hide their malevolence behind legal jargon and talk with no humanity and emotion.  Their greed is hidden behind admin fees and growth projections and NDA precautionary agreements.

I think I miss the humanity of my fellow humans. The touch of a hand in the dark, the smile over the tear.  Yes our lives are better in all possible ways, but its also more shallow.




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