And I was Dreaming

I am not a big believer in dream analysis as I find most of it to be speculative and interpretive of our current experiential situation.

That’s probably where I have been wrong because that is exactly what it is all about.  That it is a guide for what’s happening in our un/sub conscience is a given. Maybe what I am saying has no meaning and is disjointed and speculative, all the things I normally say to people that like dream interpretation.

But here goes.

I have been single for an extended period of time. My last relationships on and off, ended a few months ago.Lately, my dreams have taken on a specific colour and imagery.  The first started off with a very intimate embrace with a woman I had a relationship a very long time ago. About 27 odd years. Since then the need for intimacy and a sense of openness and shared-ness of my being has come through in a variety of dreams.

The need for depth and sharing with an intimate partner has haunted me most of my adult life. As I grow older and I realize the joy in sharing and being with another, it has become a slow burning fire in my soul. Hoping amongst hope that it too would happen to me.

Alas, it seems my partner selection makes it more difficult than most to achieve that.  My view has always been to go through life with awareness and with this new awareness brought about my dream reflection, I might choose and make selections differently.



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