And we care.


“to have faith is precisely to lose one’s mind so as to win God.”
-Søren Kierkegaard


With the dissolvent of our social structures and the rise of the individual as a focus for development, it is noticeable that we have become more entitled and less compassionate.

In the past few weeks, I have had discussions with friends and strangers about my view on religion and belief. The common theme that keeps coming is the one of how do we rid ourselves of religion.

I have come to the realization that for me religion is the ultimate form of self-castration. Yes, it might lead to people reaching levels of transcendence but it’s not because of the religion it is because of the practice of transcendence.

And we have a new religion starting, identity-based politics. The words I hear describing them is Social justice warriors. We are going back in hiding to whats like us not the wideness that democracy expects of us to be.

The lack of individual strenght has forced the weak into hiding behind bland Prostestasions and logo’s.

The ultimate power in any system should be in the rights of the individual to determine his own state of being his ultimate way of living an expression of his uniqueness.

Identity politics removes the rights from the individual and bestow them on a group.

Democracy does not work like that, no system that domonizes the right of the individual to belong or desist from belonging can be worthwhile supporting.

Care lies in Compassion, and sometimes compassion means not byuing into your bullshit.

Your pain does not determine my response to how I should treat you and your pain. My response is solely determined by my willingness to accept the validity of what you are. Should I come across as not caring and cold, that might and is still my prerogative. The power in democracy is and lies in the individual. We have tried collective systems think Communism, Russia and China and the utter loss and waste of life that brought about. Think of Apartheid in South Africa, and so the list goes on.


Ultimately the greatest freedom lies in the individual determining his reponse to the world out there. No system will make us be more moral or just with one another. We are as a species a hairbreath away from being noble savages. We are developing,evolving and growing in our appreciation of moving from a collective tribal based system to a individual based system.

Moving back to an Identity based politics is not solving a problem it takes us back to where my tribe will fight your tribe for the resources. My tribe is more important and more worthwhile than you or your tribe.

We are better than that.




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