I have been doing meditation for the past 4  years.

Not always that successful but at least I try 🙂

I joined some of my fellow meditators on Sunday for a group sit. That’s where we meditate together in a group.

Per normal I struggle with my sitting position, I had a big motor vehicle accident a few years ago and have issues bending my knee and hip.

I can normally last about 15 minutes that I need to move my position to one of more comfort.

As I was moving the person leading the meditation makes the following comment.

” See how you move in your mind in your body from the places of discomfort to comfort and be aware of how you move from discomfort towards comfort.”

Suddenly in my mind it struck me how I have not been following what we have doing for 4 years. I have been trying to get my mind to detach from my thoughts and mental attachments.

It struck me in how I have not used what is happening In my body for reflection. only what has been happening in my mind.

In NLP they talk about your meta programs as the basis of how you see the world and how you react towards it. In my situation I have never seen it as clearly as Sunday. For me its moving towards comfort that drives me. I am not moving away from discomfort , should that make sense.

So the attachments in my body and not in my mind might be new avenues to explore during my meditation.

So we start afresh.





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