Jung says that everything up to the age of 40 is a preparation for what happens after. Although in most societies and cultures age is compared to wisdom, our current culture is made up of people and ideas that has not yet reached maturity.

The current narrative about society and what it takes to make society work is based on a the advertising executive that is in his late 20’s early 30’s. We all know that at that age we are still rebelling against the knowledge of our parents and the elders in society.

We have sold knowledge of how society, people and relationships with people and nature work to the highest bidder. The responsibility of husbandary of our planet and our relations on the planet has been sold to young guns that deliver the profits at all costs. Those costs unfortunately has included how we look after one another and the animals and plants on this planet.

In the urge to chase profit and the next new idea and easy solutions we have sacrificed adulthood. Male’s over the age of 40 has been discarded for being slow and standing in the way of making more money quicker. The husbandry, responsibilities and care that has been bestowed on males by societies, has been a victim of that chase.

Mature adult males in society has become the discarded the silent the ones that must move to the periphery and watch on silently how we break ourselves apart as a species.

Males over 40 has been moved out of the workplace as they have been moved out of the core of families. Made redundant as fathers and caregivers by ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. There is no place for old men as the song goes.

I am of a firm belief that that is an good thing, yes its bad what the youngsters are doing to our planet, but, a lot of those older men are getting involved as consultants and specialist advisors to the organisations that once relieved them of their role in society. As peripheral role-players, we can move societies into places and spaces we would never have, have we been caught up in making monies for the “ COMPANY” The technology era we are moving into is bringing about untold changes to our society, most of it is making our lives better and more comfortable. The consequence of what this change is all about is slowly starting to manifest it in the rise of divorce rate, single parents and alienation from the self.

The people that has had the outside look of what all this change is all about the consequence of it on our families and society are the discarded, the people over 40. Because of most of the 40 something’s basic suspicion of the structures of society and culture, they are non-conformist and outlier’s. Being kicked out when you have just found out how it works is a shock to the system. I believe that shock is good, it breaks the illusion of immortality.

One needs to find a way to get the discarded’s involved in designing a new society. Based on the new knowledge, the new technology.

Most older people and especially men have a basic understanding of how things use to work, has been through some Army, war scenario. We know what did not work what led to the war and we know its no use dying for an idea that is propagated by the majority or a dogma. The new young generation has mostly not yet have to deal with the pain and consequence of war. The reality of death is unknown and the illusion of immortality is still strong.

The discarded needs to find a way of straddling the old and the new. Out of that build a new society that makes place for all. A society that is more equitable than the previous one, more considerate and more loving. The discarded need to find a way to temper the greed with husbandry of the planet compassion of society and care of all that live in it.


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