21St Century moves.

I was at a dance over the weekend, with my 2 teenagers in tow. The girls are at that stage where they love music sing along with the words but are not yet totally in charge of their bodies to have a natural dance style. I watch theme copy all the various dancers they see on TV.  What was really enjoyable was their gusto with which they danced. Because I am Afrikaans my eldest daughter are now at a stage where she needs to dance like we in our culture dances. Lang arm, Windsurfing etc.

It was a real pleasure taking her through the paces and maybe we will do it better at the next occasion we get.

But what I loved was the sharing of movement. How the younger one that seems on the surface withdrawn and on the background becomes comfortable with music moving and taking the lead.

One of the most profound events of the evening came when they played a slow song. What the youngest did was to lift up her hands for us to join our hands and gently slowly move with the music. Then in turn each one was given opportunity to turn under the arms of the others. It was such a profound experience dancing with my two girls while the music flowed around us.

I am indeed blessed with two amazing beings.

OOO Yes and where does the 21 century moves come in, well the younger says my moves are old school and taught me some new 21 century moves. The sprinkler, money and twerking I think it is. 🙂



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