Please save me

The more I listen and read about the variety of western advise columns psychological theories and self help advise , I realize we are transferring our beliefs of sin  of a major christian view onto a intrinsically non religious eastern perspective.

Every second coach self help Guru Wica teacher or spiritual guide uses the inherently old christian teachings of sin on their new converts or initiates. Albeit in a different form and named differently.

What the Bible teaches us is that if we dont follow the law of the Bible or God we will fail God, our behavior will be sinful and disappoint God and our community.

In Buddhism Hinduism and other Eastern religions there is no such thing as sin no disappointedness from a God. There is choice, Karma and consequence.

SO what we do is if I turn vegetarian, and I decide to eat some meat I cause an uproar and a disappointedness from  other people of a similar persuasion. There is a sense of absolutism and conversion without free will. If you dont follow the 10 rules of vegetarianism as an example you are a bad vegetarian, I mean WTF Life is a process of choice. Yes there is such a thing as discipline and commitment but those transgressions are seen as part of the road part of the learning. No judgement. Definitely not a sin.

BUT, if you think differently and dont stick to the rules of that chosen new point of view, we from a Western Perspective judge, we belittle that person as not a “real “vegetarian. He has broken the rules. He is now a vegetarian sinner.

Most things in life is choice. Bear the consequences, but dont judge me with the 10 commandments or outdated religiosity of your past of whatever spiritual lifestyle choice I choose and how I choose to express it.


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