The top 3 Steps to salvation

I think I am overburdened with solution strategies.

Since I have joined FB I have been bombarded with life hacks, solutions to life the universe and everything.

One can find a 10 , 5 or 3 point plan for everything online these days. Its for me a a sign of a bigger solution driven lifestyle. We don’t suffer through anything, we find 5 steps and voila its solved.  I have found with experience and hard work that there is very seldom quick fixes for anything. No silver bullet to get thin, fit or over a love affair.You have to work through the pain, the strum and drung as they call it. The silver bullet we are search for is a fallacy there are no quick solutions, no one shot to solve all the problems your choices bring you.

Gentleness is valid strategy and point of  view for accessing our feelings and emotions , when working with these painful experiences we need to be gentle with ourselves, but still be hard on ourselves in working through it.

So next time I read about a quick 4 way plan to health wealth and happiness I will gently delete it in favour of building my own reservoir of experiences.


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