I see myself as an inherently non violent person. Yesterday on the way back from the rugby on my scooter driving home in a contemplative mood, I was sworn at from behind by three drunk men driving in their new 4×4. Expletives rained on me from behind  due to the fact that according to them I have not stayed in my lane and  have veered into theirs. The possibility exist that they could been right I might have. I could see they were under the influence and just  like me they came back from the rugby game as they were in their respective teams clothes.

I drove up behind them at the next robot slightly peeved and wanting to give them a piece of my mind. As I stopped next to them  and wanting to tell them to behave I just got another earful of the most profane language hurled at me again.

The light turned green

I chased behind them and then something happened that should never happen. I just lost my temper totally.

I took my helmet of my head and drove to next to them. All the while they were still shouting at me. I lifted my helmet and struck out at the vehicle. Smashing the side mirror from their the brand new vehicle. I felt no pride nothing. Not even a sense of achievement.

Suddenly sanity set  in and As they were trying to push me off the road I realised the stupidity of my act. Me on a scooter trying to fight a big 4×4 ,  I drove between the vehicles hoping to escape them, that proved difficult for about the next 20 minutes as I tried to lose them and they trying to push me off the road when they got to me. Eventually I did lose them.

What a stupid thing to do. Road rage in no form can be condoned

I lecture conflict resolution, violence is the outcome you avoid. For the first time in my life I partook in road rage.

So it bugs me, as a man did I do the right thing to protect myself. Did I let them get to me and if so why? I have been very good at not letting other people get to me. Am I losing my resolve of non violence, am I turning into something I have abhorred for so long after being exposed to a drunk violent man in my childhood that what I have shunned.

Or was it just a stupid act done in isolation, I doubt that.


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