Anger and Retribution.

An eye for an eye makes us all blind.       Desmond Tutu

In my line of work I encounter a lot of people with major attachment and anger issues. Divorce and conflict seems to bring out the worst or best in people depending how they express it.

Seeing the killing of 12 people in France all over the news in the last few days has made me realize again that we as humans have a violent nature. How we manage that determines if we are compassionate or not. All of us like it when the good guy wins, unfortunately the good guy normally carries and are an expression of our personally held values.

My realization is that we cant blame religion for the violence but alas we can also blame capitalism. socialism and greed and power. The justification for our violence might differ and if we want to practice violence we will find a justification. Our search is for justification for our behaviour decisions and beliefs. When we make peace and compassion our search one might find that infusing that into your mindset your attitude changes from being righteous to being compassionate. Violence changes into caring.

We all get angry and how we get angry and what we do with anger is more important than why. Why is always the justification. In support of this I attach a guide that a dear friend of mine that has major anger issues has forwarded to me. In the piece there is a story or parable about a Dragon that is used to demonstrate how we choose to do anger, read it it is worthwhile.

One of the most important things that I had to learn to do is to stop my justifications for my behaviour, or lack of good thinking in situations. In the end my justifications and proselytizing had to do  with my belief that everybody else were wrong in their view on life. Your view of life is your view of life, I have to accept that. I can change my behaviour to reflect a different way of being instead of talking about it and making excuses for it.

Coming back to the killings in France, unless we find new and different ways to manage our anger, beliefs and values anger and eventually violence will be an an unnecessary consequence of our beliefs and justifications.


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