I am my behaviour

The road to heaven or is it hell,is paved with good intentions.

The concept of affirmations have been a sore point for me for some time. I have stood in front of the mirror and spoken amazing words to myself. Without any change whatsoever. It does  focus my perspective and focus my attention on where and what I would like to be. Beyond that mmm nothing.

This is also not an attack on thinking and living conscientiously. its purely a issue with the concept of affirmations. in support I found this little gem of information that at some level share my point of view.

Buddhist Meditation : true selfBuddha

From what can selfishness and egotism proceed if not from the concept of “self” (‘sakkayaditthi’)? If the practice of any form of meditation leaves selfishness or egotism unabated, it has not been successful. A tree is judged by its fruits and a man by his actions; there is no other criterion. Particularly is this true in Buddhist psychology, because the man ‘is’ his actions. In the truest sense they, or the continuity of kamma and ‘vipaka’ which they represent, are the only claim he can make to any persistent identity, not only through the different phases of this life but also from one life to another.


So I am in all my thought and intentions giving reflection of the way I think and the way I intent my thinking and behavior to influence my behaviour and subsequently those around me.

Like Sir Laurence de Olivier so aptly put it in his reading on the musical TIME, Thought’s become actions and the only way to bring about change and anything else you would like in your life is to change your behaviour. I don’t think its an either or principle I believe you need to work at both. Unfortunately I can only evaluate the success of the changes you want to bring about in the behaviour. Has anything changed in the way you behave.

So for me you can affirm anything till you are blue in the face unless your patterns of behaviour adapts and changes nothing is changing.

My last few post deal with Discipline and routine, these are the base for changing long held habits and thought patterns in one self.

As I progress on this road of discovery and reflection of how I change and where I want to change to, the awareness of the process is opening up to me and in time as insight follows boredom and practice I will keep on sharing.


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