Sex and Violence

Having been on a Television diet for the last two years, not watching any I have been immersing myself into the TV culture the last two weeks.

What was noticeable for me was the wanton sex and violence. The over the top violence was at some stages so bad I had to change the channels. In the end what saved me was the the fact that was it was school holidays and there were a certain amount of animated movies, they were way more enjoyable than the excessive amount of shooting, hitting and blood splattering all over.

I also received from people that went on holiday an external hard drive with a collection of series of the last few years all nicely packaged for my viewing pleasure. So it was that me and the children got into watching them. there were 3 series. I think the script writers of these series are not yet out of their 20’s. Their preoccupation with sex and getting it and getting it up and into and so it goes on and on. Here I sit with my tow girls of ages 9 and 11 and trying for them not to let them get wrong idea about men and at their age boys that they are going to meet in the short future. Also choosing to go into relationships with.

I think the amount of violence and sex on TV is reflective of the American culture and to a lesser extent the culture we are pushing into the world. What we are seeing is what shocks what sells and what drives up the the ratings.

So I have decided after this weekend to go back on my diet, I prefer the quiet solitude of my radio and books. Actually having conversations with my children and having them engaging in life and and relationships with friends.


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