Spirituality vs Mindfulness



:  of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit : incorporeal <spiritual needs>


a :  of or relating to sacred matters <spiritual songs>

b :  ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal <spiritualauthority> <lords spiritual>


:  concerned with religious values


:  related or joined in spirit <our spiritual home> <hisspiritual heir>


a :  of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomena

b :  of, relating to, or involving spiritualism :


1:  the quality or state of being mindful

2:  the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis;also :  such a state of awareness


In my early years I have had the need to be seen to be spiritual and not religious. As I have been taught more and learned more and my awareness of my own humanness have increased I have started to doubt the whole spirituality concept. I have also come to realize that my need for spirituality in in effect is a need to to be closer to myself.  There also seem to be a problem that spirituality as a concept leads itself to a whole range of charlatan thoughts that is about the self and enhancing the self. I equate that with the pop psychology that is born out of mainly America. Spirituality has for me at its core the glorification of the self, such that its no different to a religion.

Transcendence of the self and handing over power of my life to a higher/different power has become a part of the issue that I have with religion and spiritualism. Metaphors and following your own metaphor about life is good as long as you are aware that its an metaphor of a way of living not reality. I find when I was involved with the “spiritual” people the language changes. From discussing life and disagreeing it becomes judgmental. There is not a way to perceive life except within the dogma as prescribed to whatever group you might belong to.

Mindfulness has in its core for me the realization that I exist within a broader community  of people that might or might not be similar to myself. Mindfulness makes me aware of the the way I think and as such behave to those that I make contact with on a day to day basis. Mindfulness is about creating realizations of yourself in the context that you find yourself in, looking at how you behave, how you think and your resistances to the situations and people that you interact with. Mindfulness is about getting to know yourself in context of a non judgmental world and not a judgmental,spiritual, religious point of view.

Spirituality as a vague undefinable state of being is similar to religion its takes on concepts of what that specific dogma should be like instead of recognizing that people can be mindful without being spiritual or religious. Then views the world from tat lofted point of perfection and completeness. My favorites being, We are all love, we are all complete. etc.

As the the saying goes religion takes a mindset and imposes it on the world. I find the people claiming to be spiritual; does the same. Based on their definition of their type of spirituality and what it might be

Mindfulness for me is non judgmental, it deals with the self in context, irrespective where or how the experience of the self might be. As the definition says its a practice and as long as it is a practice it cant be complete, perfect and as such a belief system. Mindfulness for me is practice its application. Spirituality and religion share that vagueness that you must just believe and it will happen.

I have changed my need to be seen to be spiritual for a nothingness a sense of being a sense of being mindful and at practice continually. .


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