Growth and the road to the personal you

A few of my friends have in the last year decided to take the journey to their personal selves.

Having started this road/ journey/quest about 30 years ago it is interesting to watch the similarity in what resonates with them and how it resonated with me when I started the road myself. Here is a road map from a lofty (tongue in cheek) fellow traveler.

1.The realization that I am more than what other people perceive me to be. Disillusionment with reality as its practiced.

2. Searching a new Reality that’s more like ME.

3. Finding a community that’s more like me and that welcomes me and my financial input in making their and my perception of this new reality possible.

4. Spending time and getting involved with these new parts of my self. Mostly at a cost

5. The disillusionment with that community when one realizes they are the same as the community you left behind just a different take on where you should be according to them

6. And the cycle continues

Somewhere in this cycle I see people attaching themselves to groups and communities and get stuck there. I believe that if you are lucky you can escape them all and get to where the real work starts. Outside them inside you.

The realization that there is communities and groups that share similar values that you have is nice although just a trigger for real growth to happen outside the ambit of where and what other people think you should be. Community could be important to create a safe space to experience parts of who you think you are in a controlled environment.  It may create safety for the new realizations of an old you. But in the end they will also fall on the wayside.

Freedom, love, compassion, equality and honesty are bandied about as the ultimate of what you should be and are dressed up in such a vague way that one could scarcely disagree with it. Meta language and sameness are propagated and disagreement with this ultimate truth is viewed as contra to group cohesion.

Individuality and freedom of choice is the illusion that one is sold by them all. True growth lies in the realization that you are the same as you have always been and the only thing that you have been taught on this journey is to be closer to who and what you were all along


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