I drive a scooter

It always amazes me that people surmise that because I drive a scooter I don’t own a car.

I have been scootering for almost 3 years now, and I love it. In the city it gives me freedom and extra time. I dont do traffic and I don’t wait if traffic lights are broken. I have been driving motor bikes from about the age of 16 and this is my second scooter. When I arrive at a place and people see me stopping there with it its always a question and answer session on the benefits and dangers. My two girls have been given a lift as often as anybody and they love it. Sometimes both at the same time, I know its dangerous and it only happened once or twice

I have a biggish scooter 250 cc so it allows me the freedom to travel a little further than most other that are only 125 cc. Its not like a bike  🙂 it is different and people find it difficult to grasp why I would have bought it instead of a BIKE.

I love the freedom in the city that it gives me its built for the city not for the open road not for off road driving. It has electric mirrors and can drive on the highway at 120 km p/h, its big enough for me to lift someone with comfort and ease.

I recommend it to anybody Try it you will love it


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