Discomfort and the resistance to change.

I started swimming about 8 months ago. According to my calculations I am not doing too badly. But its been a stretch, a difficulty in staying with it.

What I have found out about a lot in this time is why so many times in my past I have started exercising and then just as I get into it I lose motivation or the want to take it further. What I am starting to realize is why is it so difficult for me to stick to any kind of program including but not limited to exercise.

The reason being I like comfort. as simple as that.

I don’t like discomfort and I have a suspicion there is a lot of other people that share this trait with me. It is not I surmize a resistance to change or even a lack of willingness or motivation. Its a simple issue. I like comfort and dislike being uncomfortable.

Since becoming aware of this i have watched myself in numerous situations and context’s and its time and time again that I recognize that inherent search for comfort. Not having my towel ready, not enough time, not in morning , not in afternoons, etc etc. Unlimited excuses. Very seldom excuses for actually doing it.

So I have come to realize people don’t resist change they don’t mind change even one bit as long as it can lead to more comfort. The moment that change brings about discomfort you see people in discomfort and resisting change. You dont hear of a LOTTO winner complaining that all this comfort is not good for him and its now time for him to be poor again.

Life it seems is about creating comfort and avoiding discomfort. Successful people are people that can live with and integrate discomfort into their being. By doing something often enough it becomes nice and a different kind of comfort. Just sticking with it even when you don’t want to in short term creates a certain level of comfort on the long term. I am starting to look forward to the quietness and routine of being in the water the silence of the pool early in the morning, the steam rising from the water, beautiful So you can see  we getting to a place where I am starting to like the discomfort of my morning swims.

So the secret of changing behaviour and bad habits is, GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE


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