Dark Knight of our Collective Souls

The Dark Knight of our collective soul

In  mythology we find that the protector of our communities has been entrusted to the White Knight. The White Knight is always in a fight with the Dark Knight about controll of the land, people and their thinking and conduct. The Dark Knight does not stick to the rules of engagement and are ruthless and conniving always trying to outsmart the Whiter Knight with a variety of underlying underhand practices. The only thing that the  White Knight normally has to outwit or outsmart the Dark Knight is his purity of his being . Being honest, truthful and compassionate.

Bullying and rape of children and elderly people in our society has taken on epidemic proportions. The sense that we are attacked and prosecuted on all fronts in our society’s are partly to blame for the fortresses and gated communities we find ourselves. We ensconce ourselves with security and the benefits that isolation based on financial apartheid are creating for ourselves. We are keeping the hordes at bay by paying others to protect us from the violence and attacks by the Dark Knights in our communities. In essence we have sold our safety to the Dark Knights that we feel that we can trust to protect us from the Dark Knights that we can’t trust. To protect us from the barbarians at the gates.

We do business with the Dark Knight, to increase production, to increase our property, to increase our share holding. The Dark Knight has been let loose in our communities and we have lost our White Knights because the White Knights are sticking to our collective agreements and practices. We have allowed the Dark Knights to run our communities with impunity. We have allowed the Dark Knights to become our leaders, our role models to follow; our kids are listening to the music by the Dark Knight and his cohorts. They are enacting the conduct of the Dark Knights at school on our play ground and lately it attacking our most vulnerable, our children and elderly.

It is not a unknown fact that rape in itself is not a act of passion or urging s. Rape is act of violence. Violence towards the most vulnerable is becoming a norm. The statistics on conviction rates for rape in South Africa are staggeringly low. Violence and abuse of children and woman are an everyday occurrence, our courts struggle to find ways to keep the Dark Knight that is now in our homes at bay.

Any person that has a child that has been bullied and attacked at school worry about the same thing, how do I keep my child safe? How do I keep my hand of protection over my kid? We have allowed through a patriarchal system that dehumanizes woman the Dark Knight into our homes.  We cant expect our communities to reflect the values of the White Knight if what we are afraid of and bringing into our homes are the Dark Knight. Teenagers when going through their developmental phases of puberty must by implication rebel and stretch the boundaries of their upbringing. In this they explore the darkness of our community, society they must then select their values and rules of engagement for adulthood. It just seems that the White Knight and his values are absent as a option or a alternative to the darkness. They (teenagers) in examples have not yet seen enough of the values that the White Knight brings into our souls , into our beings. We are through a system of punishment and fear trying to suppress the power of the Dark Knight, unsuccessfully because that is precisely where the power of the Dark Knight lies, in fear loathing demeaning of people. Bullying and  attacks on Teachers and care givers of our children are increasing, so we are asking more and more Dark Knights to protect us against the other Dark Knights in our society.

The courts and generally the law and protection services, the people that should be in positions of care and protection have been infiltrated by the Dark Knight and his cronies. With the birth of our country we elected one of the best examples of a White Knight to lead us, protect us. That legacy has died in the abuse of legal technicalities cronyism and protectionism of the Dark Knights in our system of government and law.

These Dark Knights have learned their trade and skill in fighting Apartheid and its even darker instruments of subjugation. The dark trade and skills honed at that time has now allowed the Dark Knight to possess our communities and societies and workplaces. Everything is OK as long as you one does not get caught. We have seen that in the Collusion for tenders in the big construction companies. Dark Knights all of them that have to this day escaped the Wrath of any instrument of law and the White Knights might have expected. These Dark Knight are now the examples to their and our kids and schools and school governing bodies. These are the same people we expect to run our schools as School Governing Bodies. We have allowed the Dark Knights like a Trojan horse into the lives  of our most vulnerable our kids.

Dark Knights disguised as bullies are in charge of our societies and we wonder why we find the angst and anger against anything good and wholesome is at such an unprecedented high. Good behaviour and conduct are scoffed at by the media we idolize and venerate those that are bad, dress out of the norm and displays conduct of civil disobedience.

We have lost our White Knights in our communities and societies, we have abdicated our goodness as people as parents to the Dark Knight. We are all waiting for a White Knight to come again and save us from this evil empire of Dark Knights. Where though will our saving come from.

Like all good myths it starts with a righteous person to take a stand to face the Dark Knight with nothing but the goodness in his soul as his only protection, where o where are the good people of our communities that will become those White Knights to take on the protection of our children and most vulnerable and weak in our communities and make it safe for the  goodness in our communities to shine again.



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