Male energy and Pubescent Girls

In the last few weeks I have been confronted by women that asked for advice on dealing with their daughters not wanting to visit their fathers anymore. Herewith what I think.

Most single parent homes are managed by females and mothers. Males to a large extent are not involved in the daily live’s of these woman. As such a lot of girls grow up in homes not being exposed to the male energy.  When they reach around the age of 10 and they become aware of their femininity it comes into contact with the male energy. This creates a sense of unease as its not an energy they are used to. The power and intensity of the energy makes them uneasy and if they don’t have a good relationship with their father or any other male role models in their lives they perceive it as threatening.

They then avoid the energy as far as possible to the detriment of their feminine development and their ability to relate with males and men in general. Relationships is places where we manage the different energies, and I am finding it more and more that men’s energy is misread. Men as well as woman can be violent and extreme. it seems that as a generalization men’s energy is more focused on goal and result achievement while female energy is more collaborative by nature. My advice as a general rule is to have a discussion with the father and explain this so that he can make and create a safe environment for his daughters to become comfortable with male energy.

Unless we expose our girls and young woman to healthy male energy their ability to read men successfully to make long lasting relationships are diminished. If they cant read aggressive energy vs caring male energy they will misread and be unable to read men and the energy thus make the possibility of ending up in abusive relationships so much higher.

Although this is a generalization and no manner of aggression is condoned it is at the end of the day a skill that woman need to go into relationships with men.


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