Awards, Rewards and Equility

  1. 1.
    believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.
    “a fairer, more egalitarian society”
  1. 1.
    a person who advocates or supports the principle of equality for all people.
    “he was a social and political egalitarian”
    Being an inherent egalitarian by nature Rewards and Awards has always been at some level not a good thing in my mind. I believed that that the school; and the rewards system in Schools and companies favours certain skills and attributes above others. In and with experience this has proven to be correct.
    Sitting at my daughters awards ceremony tonight and she receiving some awards I looked at the pride and joy those awards brought her, thinking to my aversion to awards, the following came to mind.
    1. Awards are a necessary evil.
    2. Awards creates pride
    3. Awards create dedication and commitment and supports it
    4. Awards gives joy
    5. Awards gives a sense of achievement.
    I never worked in an environment that rewarded and awarded achievement, having worked in the training and development arena where you work at some level in a vacuum and equality was an idea to fight for. I then left this and joined the Insurance industry where everything is about achievement and rewards and awards. So being exposed to this culture in the beginning was a shock to my system and I resented most of those I was invited to and tried to skip them. Doing that for 6 years became a bit of a bore and in year 3 decided to put my resentment on hold. I started looking at my achievements and awards in a different way. It became a two fold pleasure. Firstly it gave me recognition in the eyes of my peers, Secondly it gave me financial rewards.
    The illusion of equality then was further put to rest tonight with my daughter achieving.
    Maybe what i was actually looking for was to reward and award different things and not as much the concepts of rewards/awards.
    Anybody that would like to give feedback on this?

4 thoughts on “Awards, Rewards and Equility

  1. By getting an award, you get the reward for your hard work. With my kids receiving awards on academic, cultural and sport levels, it is exactly the type feedback I need, to know that they are mentally and physically healthy and a part of our society.

  2. I agree, but in itself awards can become a trap. It becomes a way of gaining acceptance and recognition from parents and peers that might hide a loneliness inside. SO awards are good, like all things in moderation.

    • I dont disagree. I am a believer that the greater the achievement (and effort), the greater the reward should be. Mediocre efforts should not warrant awards.

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