Living Slowly

Time is the greatest gift we can give those around us. There is a sickness that I find more and more with parents and partners in relationships, ” I am too busy’. Relationships take time, we need to switch off and connect with one another. We cant have the same attitude with my spouse and children as we have with our colleagues. We are at some level not one person but many, we have the ability to change our state of being dependent on the situation and the person we are with.

The biggest tragedy is when someone says I am always the same, how utterly depressingly boring. You have a myriad of states, attitudes and “personalities” inside you. What will underpin most of these will be your core values, so one should not worry too much that you will move too much from that what you inherently think you are. But exploring those different and other selves of ourselves is what creates depth and colour to who and what you are. I dont want to be the same person that I am now in 10 years, I want to be more of what I believe I can be. Dont settle and think that who and what you are at this moment is all that you can be.

Paradoxically the only way to find out who and what you are and could possibly be is to spend time with yourself, mostly quietly, not doing and being busy. Finding quiet moments is good but not enough. Meditate get to know who you are when no one is around. Then decide what and who you are. Jesus, Mohammed, Rumi most mystics and sages of the past only become “knowledgeable” after spending extensive time in the desert in quiet contemplation. We can learn from this in by unlearning our social conditioning we might get to the person we were meant to be.

The question is when will YOU be important enough in your life to get to know yourself? YOU might just be worth it  Namaste


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