Monkey Mind and Mindfulness.

The Buddhists’ refer to the way our mind runs our lives and jumps all over the place without having the ability to focus on a specific area for long as “ Monkey Mind’ This concept alludes to the fact that our minds keep jumping from place to place and does not have the ability to focus and concentrate on a specific subject. We then give ourselves over to the emotions that are linked with the situations in which we find ourselves.

The opposite of Monkey mind is Mindfulness. Mindfulness creates the ability to be present at a given place and time with what you are busy with. Mindfulness is the ability to be present with the emotions that are linked to the situation that are unfolding.

Moving from Monkey mind to Mindfulness is an aspiration for most people that want to have the ability to concentrate. In support of this herewith my notes on mindfulness that comes from my time spent with the Nan Hua monks.

  1. Give attention to what you are busy with.
  2. Concentrate on what you are busy with
  3. Observe the process,
    1. What are the triggers for that what are happening?
    2. How do I do what I do?
  4. Let the emotions go. Accept what’s happening and that as it is happening it will also pass, See the beginning see the end and see that this too will pass.

As humans without the skill of concentration we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the emotions that are linked to situations that might be of pain to us as well as with the stress that comes with it. We can’t without placing mindfulness on a situation detach and become non attached to the situation that is causing the pain. If we do no not have the ability to keep our mind concentrated on that what is happening in a non attached way we might become overwhelmed by the situation. Depression is a sign of attracting and attaching too strongly to the negative energy in our existence, also to the possibility that this negativity might carry on for an exceptionally long time.

Being mindful then has an outcome of keeping you focused on what you are busy with instead of letting your monkey mind run around with you. Our mind is the rider on the horse it guides the horse on where to go. If we as riders on that horse are immature and not mindful we pull the horse in this direction, then that direction. Tiring out the horse that is the us in our life.

The struggle as humans is to accept the inevitability of the change of life as it unfolds. Non attachment allows us to accept the impermanence of our existence and not allow our insistence for keeping life from not changing to become a state of continuous struggle to keep it the same. Life then becomes a drawn out fight to be fought and not a dance to be celebrated with lightness of step.


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