Happiness as an Activity

Happiness as an activity.

We have a dream to be happy and content with no stress and no challenges. We tend to forget that the challenges we overcome are the basis of our belief in ourselves. We don’t have a sudden belief in our own abilities and skills. What our trials and tribulations teach us is how resourceful and skilled we are in overcoming the challenges we create for ourselves.

We expect happiness to be a destination but in effect happiness is a state of mind and a state of being. When you have a state of contentment, and happiness in your day to day activities you will find that he place of happiness is not somewhere out there to be found but indeed in here there where you reside. The activities that makes you happy.

Happiness is an activity a decision and a way of living. When we meet someone and look at them we can see if as a person they are happy or not, we recognise the signals they send.  That should tell us that we recognise it in other people. If we can recognise it , we can emulate it. What we can do is foster those skills and attributes in our contact with other people. The feedback we will receive will allow us to be happy.

The important part to remember is that if you can be happy in yourself no one from the outside can change that. You accept responsibility for being happy or not. You can carry your happiness inside you like a gift to yourself that you can decide to share or not, you are the owner and cause of your own happiness!!!!


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