Circle of Belonging

We all have people in our Circle of belonging that enriches us so that we can go out and face the world.

Circle of belonging are the tapestry that enriches our lives. We can look at the tapestry that you have woven around you and determine who and what you are. Know a person by their friends the saying goes.

Fear and pain left scars on our soul. We hide ourselves away from support and comfort because those things bring pain. The strings that bind us to people that are special we cut we don’t reach out for comfort and support. As such we need to nurture and not chastises ourselves, because of that.  We become more because of the people that we have in our lives not less.  How we do our relationships are a reflection of how we do life. If our relationships even with friends are defined by what they do for you and how they can serve you, maybe the fact that you don’t have friends or superficial friends should say something to you.

As a species we are not singular. We are not an island. Our Circle of belonging makes it possible to take on the world. It gives us a place of respite, to charge our batteries as they say.

Our Circle of belonging gives us a sense of community of sharing and of as the name says belonging. Our Circle of belonging makes it safe for us to be humble to be scared and ultimately to be vulnerable and get to our SOUL.

Look at your tapestry in your life and see how bright the colours are that makes up the shroud that protects and comforts you when the world is a dark and cold place.

Its Today and an as such the beginning, the beginning of a new time to celebrate those people in your lives that are special. Make that call write that mail, make contact you just might change your life. Nourish that Circle of belonging, it might just save your life


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