Caring and friendship

Caring is not a word associated with men, and as such when it does happen it shows the true nature of a man.

I was visiting a good friend , army friend, from about 30 years ago , (wow getting old),and i was struck down by a attack of gout. The worst  have had in my life and only people that’s had gout will know the excruciating pain it gives you.

That friend was the one driving 15 km from the farm on which we were visiting to the closest emergency supply of medicine,his daughter,at 10 in the evening. In that moment he was my Savior my hero, we tend to forget how simple acts like that supports and nurtures friendships over long periods of time.

I also had the good fortune in visiting a school time friend on the same weekend, the comfort of knowledge of who you are and where you have been is caught up in the ease of our conversations and lack of explanations for reasons for our behaviors.

People that know you that amount of time don’t need introduction into one’s thinking and behavior.

Over lunch a piece of classical music  was playing on the DVD and my mind flirted back to my father and I recognized the music as being one of his most favorite songs.  The connection with friends, music and my father and my two young daughters sitting next to me at lunch just brought such a sense of peace and belonging that I have seldom felt in my life.

We haste through life, searching, looking,finding and sometimes that what we search for most are found in simple acts of kindness and connection with old friends and family.


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