” being aware of another persons state of being”

For me that is still the best definition for a relationship. It takes courage and commitment to become aware. Being aware of what happens to the party that you are in relationship with, creates a sense of connectedness also referred to as intimacy.

Oprah Once once said one of the most profound things I have ever heard in my life . ” We all are searching for validation” In relationships when we are connected and aware of the others state of being we give them that sense of validation. That sense that they are important.

In the business environment  out there it has been to a large extent a dog eat dog world. I have a sense that things are slowly changing, we are moving from a supply economy to a demand economy. If you want to understand the demands of your customers and you think you are in a relationship with them, then you better get in touch with what is their state of being. By understanding that and validating that sense of being and valuedness, customers are turned into partners in a growing distribution company.


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