To Answer or not to Answer

Victor Frankl poses the question in his ” Man’s Search for Meaning” that its not for us to ask the question but its life that asks the question and your life is how you answer that question. How do we perceive our life and the the answer to life.

In the popular psychology out there the mantra is that you need to find out what is the answer to life. we need to go out there and search for  the ultimate truth to our existence.

But what if like Frankl says our life is the answer and our life should not be about asking the question but by living the answer. Should that be true how do we reflect that in our lives and expressions the meaning that life requires of us. How do we bring in our conduct and behavior meaning to those that we get into contact with.

Living a question vs living an answer requires that we look at who and what we are in a different light. If we are answering the question of our existence with our behavior and conduct, should our biggest answer be the success that we achieve or the impact we make?

Do we exist to and how do we exist, how does the answer of our existence reflect in our goals and objectives.

Asking the question vs living the answer, which one is more amicable to making the world a better safer place, and should we worry if it is a safer or better place? If everything in life is transitionary as the Buddhists proclaim what would be the answer in living that out? Fortunately that illustrious question of transitionary existence is also balanced with the imperative to be compassionate.

Will  our point of view in how we view our life’s importance change when we don’t look at life as an question but as an answer, do we then  we change our stance on where and how the influences in our life  comes from.


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