Relational Dispute resolution

We are as humans driven by relationships, we live by and for them. 

We only ever have three types of relationships that we get into, 

1. Relationship with the self

2. Relationships in a social arena , those and that  outside and around you 

3. Transcendental relationship, relationship with a higher being, or higher self however you might perceive it or that to be. 

All of these relationships are determined and lived out as per our values that we have accumulated through our life and the exposures and lessons we have been taught.

Conflict in any of those relationships are a reflection of the Values violations and non achievements of those values.

When you find yourself in any kind of relationship and there is conflict, look at what values that are important to you are being violated or ignored by yourself or the other party or parties.  

In resolving those values that are causing the dispute or conflict position one has to do one of two things to resolve it in a healthy manner. 

1. Move up a logical level and look for shared values and reiterate those before moving down and finding commonality in hose values that you or that person perceives to be violated.

2. Asses your own insistence on the importance of those values in that relationship. We are flexible in moving and adapting our values and their importance based on the outcome that we would like to achieve. 

I believe we as humans can’t exist outside the realms of any kind of relationship it gives us the basic building blocks for who and what we are. Should that be true however we need to understand at a more basic level that the relationships we are in and how we do them might also be the cause of our basic style and types of conflict we find ourselves in. Asses how you do relationships and in that you might find how you do your life.  


One thought on “Relational Dispute resolution

  1. Helpful post, there are values (and expectations) under the conflicts and how can we take a step back and see what we do agree on in the bigger picture. Thanks for the reminder!

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