How Team sports enhance your Relationship Skills

I have never been good at conforming to team norms or company norms in my life. I have though on occasion been part of teams for sport. My non conformist nature has largely kept me a bachelor as well. I like being on my own. I like doing things by myself. With this I have also seen that I  can do things with a partner but that normally lasts s short period.


I  woke realizing that being a team player at school or university or even after that could make you a better spouse. Having been in a team we know how to conform to rules of conduct, what is better for the team. Following THE goal. Sharing and camaraderie. Without any research to guide my thinking that I can find I started thinking about the people that I have been in relationship with and wondering, is there a link, does being part of a team at a time when one is younger support one in being a better partner in relationships?

All those things that are espoused as being good as a team player and having and being in a team resonates with what are the skills needed to be in a good relationship. So maybe to make my kids better at relationships when they are adults, I need to get them to play team sports.  Just wondering 


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