The Falacy of Whooo Haaa

Motivation has always been for me a very quiet personal thing. I have played in sports teams most of my younger school going age. Motivating a team or getting a team hyped up was never that big on our scale to success. 

I keep finding and reading and watching motivational material and it seems like it got stuck in the Whoo Haaa phase. The most profound theories on motivation by people like Victor Frankel all seems to indicate a different way of being motivated by the so called motivational speakers. 

Motivation and what gets you motivated his and has always been a very personal issue. I listen to radio and the plethora of motivational speakers on an average  night and I wonder is this not just a new way of selling snake oil to a unsuspecting crowd. 

The snake oil salesmen has donned a suit a new hairstyle, wardrobe and don’t forget the voice and tone. They are leading people to the snake oil factory of happiness and positivity. There is enough research to support the theory that being positive all the time is just not good for you. It leads to disillusionment and negative comparisons that leads in the long run to being negative about yourself and your lack of success.

Motivation is a very personal experience for people and each person has his or her own style of being positive that is only found in quiet contemplation and getting rid of all the social conditioning that’s heaped upon us since the day of our birth. 

Meditation,contemplation and exploration in quiet leads one to a more accepting outlook on life, acceptance of yourself and your own skills and attributes. More and more research suggest awareness and being present is more motivational to your success than any Whoo Haa snake oil salesman. 


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