Religion undermined

As I have become older I have realized that the more and  more I read on Religion or Some spiritual truth it becomes clear most of all of them is a synthesis of the following few steps.

1. The idealized self

That is a place where you are not, the place where you would like to be, the place you should or could possibly be. It is the truth that “they have found by reading/meditating/research/struggle or taught by some enlightened being /person.


2. the methods for achieving the idealized self

By doing/experiencing/learning what they have you might become that idealized self that they have achieved

3. The bank account

By paying them the money they will then impart the method or skill or insight to you for a nominal fee.

As soon as I now see what it is that is espoused by our leaders, may they be Religious, spiritual or economic, I realise that this is the methodology that is being sold to me.

There is not a lot of theories or ideas that makes it OK for you to be exactly where you are telling you that being what you are exactly what and where you are is OK. There is no better or other place to be.

Anthony Robbins puts it best ” The start of motivation is to realize that you want to be where you are not” Why cant we deal with life as an unfolding process instead of a chasing process.Why should be we be “happy” , ” motivated” , ‘ rich” etc etc.

Why is it not just OK for me as a human being to let my life unfold to me and experience it with servitude and resilience?



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