We are, or are we?

I have come to the conclusion, that I am not here (planet earth)  to fit,achieve, be,grow, in any form or manner that will create an acceptable acceptance by the group that espouses that bit of truth for them. 

The positivity movement is getting stuck in my throat. I don’t have to be positive all the time, I don’t have to fit into anybodies expectancy of what it means to achieve. Life is what it is and my reaction to the incidences that come into my life is unique to me. I don’t like to be busy all the time. My time off , my time being lazy, my time introverted into my world are my ways of making sense of me in a broader world. I like finding out and bumping my head in my unique way, I find that it enhances my experience of my life. 

Life is not a race to some yet to be determined goal. Life is a process of being here being present and being alive in your experience of what we like to call life. My existence should not be defined as as en expression of my economic relevance and skill as an economic entity. My so called contribution to the economic welfare of society. 

The contribution of economic statistics and growth and distribution has become the new religion of a economic elite that has replaced the church leaders as role models and guiders of our society. I resent the fact that on every newspaper and every TV channel some economic guru and entrepreneur is espousing some dogma on how to be rich , better team player, better Leader. So we are replacing one dogma/religion with a next one. 

The death of the 1% movement is one of the biggest travesties of our current era it is the first movement to throw off the shackles of the economists/bankers/investors on our existence and the power they have over our beings

Our biggest gift to ourselves is the gift of BEING, experiencing the concept of life on your terms 


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