The Falacy of Whooo Haaa

Motivation has always been for me a very quiet personal thing. I have played in sports teams most of my younger school going age. Motivating a team or getting a team hyped up was never that big on our scale to success.  I keep finding and reading and watching motivational material and it seems like […]


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transition noun noun: transition; plural noun: transitions 1. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. “students in transition from one programme to another” verb North American 1. undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition. “he transitioned into filmmaking easily” It…

Religion undermined

As I have become older I have realized that the more and  more I read on Religion or Some spiritual truth it becomes clear most of all of them is a synthesis of the following few steps. 1. The idealized self That is a place where you are not, the place where you would like […]