On Being Rich

I read a quote recently that has been mulling in my mind for some time now. ” To be rich you need not have more but want less.” Its seems its a paradox our society has become good at and that is to want more. More relationships, more sex, more holidays etc. We have become quite good at making demands to have more. 

What we have forgotten is the skill and art of being without. In his book Sibling Society on our current state of our society Robert Bly, makes the point that we are becoming like siblings, fighting over our wants n needs. For me adulthood has always been the ability to delay gratification. There is a volume of research that suggest that people that have the ability to delay gratification are more successful than those that cant. It seems we as a society are sold out to a 27 year old account executive in some advertising agency that decides how much we want of what. The older I have become the more I have come to realize that its the small things that make me happy, its the silence that nurtures me its the intimate that feeds me. More of conversations or more parties more possessions clutters up my space. We drown the silence with music and conversations, we dull the pain of loneliness with possessions. Some of us drive away the demons of inadequacy with drugs n alcohol. 

In having less and touching your own soul in quietness you become more so that you may want less. 


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