Prison reform

Listening to 702 this morning about prison reform, I want to add my bit to the discussion. Restorative Justice is a process implemented by the Dept of Justice that allows for offenders and victims to find alternatives to having and giving people criminal records. This process can be implemented before and even up to sentencing. I find lawyers not aware of the benefits of this process and the benefits to our society. I believe that to reform our Prisons, we need to send less people there. sending less people there means that we need to look at the retribution kind of justice that we are executing. We are making criminals of youngsters and people that should not be in jail, because we are not considering alternatives to incarceration. There is a whole world of alternatives one is allowed to consider. By giving someone a criminal record we are pushing that person into the criminal system because it impacts his ability to find a job, and to make a living and thus all that is left open is to live on the edge of being legal. Restorative Justice can keep people out of the criminal system and in mainline society where they can contribute to creating a healthy community. Keeping people out of jail makes a difference to the prisons problem.


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