Who Am I

Self expression 
How do we determine who who are and how we want to express ourselves in the world outside us. Does my clothing, expression and attitude express who I am inside of me. Do we allow our children from a early age to have the freedom to express themselves in their clothing and activities. I believe that we teach our children from our wounds, we teach them to be able to overcome and deal with the pain our parents and care givers inflicted upon us. What we should rather have is a positive expectancy on what and who we as parents would like them to be given their unique skills and attitude. There is a fine line between what we think is good for them and who and what they are. Parents that are aware should have the ability to differentiate what is necessary and what is important. The biggest travesty I think we can inflict upon our children is to want to make them in our image. make “mini me’s ” out of them. The difficulty lies in the belief that what and who we are is not good enough to make it out there, that skill and attitude is then taught to our children. We very seldom allow them to find their own expression of their uniqueness and still balance that with what we from the future can determine what will make them successful humans and adults. At some level I think we as adults and parents are making the same mistake the educational institutions are making , we determine what will make them rich and good employees , not what will make them good humans and participants in a community of adults. We should start looking at our children and ask ourselves what are the skills our society, world and families need to be healed then teach those skills. Compassion fits into any job , vocation or position you might have in life. We should give them the gift of self expression and self knowledge in a compassionate and caring manner rather than the current selfish and entitlement attitude I see with young people expressing themselves as if their and their expression is the only valid opinion out there.


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