Simply Conflict

When people find themselves in a conflict situation they start focusing on what they perceive the solution or problem is. People simply things to such an extent that if you cant see or understand the problem in the simple form or manner they explain it, you must be an imbecil. The theory behind it is […]

Prison reform

Listening to 702 this morning about prison reform, I want to add my bit to the discussion. Restorative Justice is a process implemented by the Dept of Justice that allows for offenders and victims to find alternatives to having and giving people criminal records. This process can be implemented before and even up to sentencing. […]

Mediation vs. Litigation

About 90% of all cases that I deal with in the restorative justice process are between between people that know one another. In situations where people stay together in a complexes or in a suburb its important that we get along. This week I dealt with two neighbors that had cases open against one another […]

Whats Right for the mother?

I recently mediated a case that dealt with the following scenario.  I Gentleman and a lady, had a child together, they eventually split up when the child was about 3 years old.The couple agreed that the child will stay with the father as the mother was between houses and between jobs, The couple being adults […]

Who Am I

Self expression How do we determine who who are and how we want to express ourselves in the world outside us. Does my clothing, expression and attitude express who I am inside of me. Do we allow our children from a early age to have the freedom to express themselves in their clothing and activities. I […]