@court this week

@Court this week.
When confronted with people that are violent and non conformist lately I have started to ask the following 3 questions.
1. Where is your father and what does he do
2. Where do you come from
3. What work do you do.
It amazes me that a majority of people that land up in court does not have the presence of a male figure or had an absent father in their upbringing. Also that they come from communities where there is an absence of men. I don’t think the presence of a man is the fix all of a community or a person, but I am of the firm belief that the absence of fathers or at least a male role model does irreparable harm to an individual and a community. The mining sector in South Africa started the concept of Migration Labour and by removing the active male members of communities and placing them in hostels hundreds and thousands of miles away from their homes. Having them work in inhuman conditions to produce gold and minerals for the the so called development of our country and its people. We destroyed communities and families to make them dependent on the income from working for a boss. We look at the violence in our communities and society and ask where do these people come from, we should not ask that we should look into the soul of our communities and see to what extent we have sold our families and and communities for a pot of gold and the next bigger car or bigger home. Men and woman of substance are needed in communities and societies to make them work and function effectively. Where are they? Have all of them disappeared into the void of making more and having more. Time is and always will be the most precious thing you can give to the one’s you love. How much time have you spent with your loved one’s latel


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