Parenting and Mediation

I became a parent late in life and was as such fortunate that I could approach it with a bit more of a intellectual background than when parenting happens to you at a young age.Lately I have come to see that there is a lot of similarities between parenting and mediation and for that matter […]

@court this week

@Court this week. When confronted with people that are violent and non conformist lately I have started to ask the following 3 questions. 1. Where is your father and what does he do 2. Where do you come from 3. What work do you do. It amazes me that a majority of people that land […]

Platinum strike

Platinum Staking Ek het my loopbaan begin in wat in daai tyd as werkstudie genoem is, toe later Arbeids verhoudinge, As standaard in daardie stadium is gewerk met n 20 maal ratio tussen die laags besoldigde persoon in die mpy vs die hoogs betaaldste een. Op 702 die afgelope tyd hoor ek die ratio vir […]