Calling You.

In her book the Call, Oriah Mountain Dreamer talks about that what calls you, not that what drives you. For me that is such an important differentiation. In a goal driven society it has for me a comfort to be able to understand that we have something that pulls me forward that is not an […]

What we want.

After I became a father and tried being the best Dad in the world, somewhere somehow I realized that what’s good and what’s best is not always the same thing. So I asked myself what are the kind of people my children should be, given their skill set, not mine, to succeed as adults. That […]


outlier/ˈaʊtlʌɪə/nounplural noun: outliers a person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.”a western outlier in the Andaman archipelago” a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set.”an outlier in Faulkner’s body of work” I think part of the current social decay that we have is […]

The fire outside

In 1996 I was in a motor vehicle accident during which time I went through a Near Death Experience (NDE). When I came by, I came back from wherever I went to with what at that stage I believed to be my “message ” to the world. I came to the realization that everything in […]


So we write. we dont write we fear opinion we fear being caught out we fear not being good we fear not being perfect we fear criticism and so we procrastinate we do not we do not do what we like to do. and hide from fear and dive into nothingness. that we fear.

A sense of Being

“Nobody wants to allow you to be yourself on matters which are absolutely insignificant.” OSHO. At first I did not get the quote. Then it struck me, who and what am I in the quiet moments before I become aware of myself. I can remember the feeling  and time and sense of what and who […]


  I miss femininity. The gentleness of a kiss. The wisp of a hair The gentle curve of a foot below a dress The lovely lilt in their voice The smell of woman The softness of the flares of a skirt. The happy hoop it makes when you twirl in dance together. The the soft […]